I have the Christmas Spirit, do you?

Christmas Decorating

Decorating at Christmas Time

I have to admit that I have totally gotten the Christmas Spirit.  All I want to do is play Christmas songs, sing Christmas carols and bake holiday treats.

This year is going to be the best one yet.  Our 2 year old great grandson is now living with us. Making candy, decorations, and everything else Christmas will be seen thru a 2 year old’s eyes.  Having his help with candy, cookies, etc. will be a time that will go down is history as one of it’s own.

Tree is up, outside lights are there, mantel is done and just relaxing and enjoying.  Need to get up Nativity soon, but with Cameron thinking they are toys am, looking for a safe place for it.  If that can be found. My 3 grandchildren will be coming over, usually at different times, to help with the tree, windows, hanging cards, baking cookies, making fudge, making candy and of course, making Christmas cupcakes and cakes. I am so enjoying spending special time with them.

Everyone should try it, spending special time with friends and family that is.  I say, “who cares if I have the best looking decorated house, this season is for time with my family and friends”.




Where the wild things are…………………….

Wild Thing Birthday CakeHi Merry! Thank you thank you thank you!!! We absolutely loved Max’s wild thing cake! So cute and even better tasting! We will be keeping your name for future events! Thanks again!

You have set a budget, Now What?

Wedding vendors including the baker of your wedding cake

When choosing your vendors for your wedding, check your budget, but keep in mind the quality of the product or service.

  • Now that you have chosen what you just have to have, set a budget for each item.  Start with the most important item on your list, i.e. Wedding Cake, venue, church, flowers, etc.
  • Best way to find vendors is thru referrals, bridal shows, checking testimonials on wedding sites on the Internet, etc.
  • Let the vendor know your budgeted price for that item.  Don’t be surprised if they say that they can’t do it for that price. Still see what they have to offer.  Go home, think about it.  If your really like the item, it is actually what you want, see where you can cut back on other items.

When looking for wedding cakes, ask the wedding cake vendor for a consultation with a cake tasting.  Their price may fit your budget, but the cake may not be to your liking.  Some wedding cake bakers charge a fee for tastings. then take it off your order.

As for me, I give free consultations and tastings. At your consultation, give me your budget and together we will create a wedding cake for you within your budget. When I got married, years and years ago, my baker didn’t create what I wanted and I have been upset about that ever since.  You are the bride and groom and you deserve to have your dream realized.



Ordering a Custom Cake?

Biggest Wedding Cake Ever

wedding cake

Mohegan Sun unveiled the world’s biggest wedding cake at the New England Bridal Showcase on February 08, 2004.

The wedding cake measured 17 feet high and weighed a whopping 15,032 pounds.

It was made from 10,000 pounds of pound cake batter and 4,810 pounds of icing and could feed 59,000 people.
Quite the extravagance …

One of the several reasons

“One of the several reasons I can recommendation Merry is that she works diligently to make sure that the cakes meet the customer’s expectations. Another thing that I can recommend about Merry is the fact that she is consistently trying to learn about different methods to make her cakes even more special than they already are.”

Pamela Baumkratz

Owner of www.pbwebfootdesigns.com


Want to give the expectant mom some memories?

baby memories-web

This is one of my favorite cakes as it makes a memory for not only the new mommy and daddy, but grandma & pa, auntie and uncles, and both new friends & those who knew them as kids.

This cake was for a baby shower that mommy almost didn’t get to as baby was born later that night. The bottom tier has baby pictures of mommy with top tier daddy’s baby pictures. The top is quite different with the baby shoes holding up an ulta-sound picture which I framed for mommy and daddy.

Just think of your mom and dad celebrating 25 or 50 years with pictures on their cake of them getting married, hold and playing with their children, and pictures of them doing things they have enjoyed doing together over the years.

What about a “Old lordy, look who’s 40?” cake having pictures of him as a kid, doing ridiculous things with friends, getting married, etc?

What about Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Showers, Graduation or any occasion making memories with this cake?

Meghan’s Graduated

Graduation cake for Meghan and her bunny.Meghan’s graduation cake was a square chocolate cake topped with a round white cake.  Meghan first passion is her bunnies.  So, of course, her bunny had to graduated too. I included pictures of her with her bunny, her with her mom and pop and on with her favorite (and only) sister.

Does he want a dowry?

crystal garaden webA dowry – the money or property a bride brings to her husband at marriage – was common throughout much of the ancient world, and also flourished in medieval Europe.
In many places around the world, weddings were formal occasions, accompanied by much gift giving and ritual. The practice of dowries apparently originated when a bride’s parents gave her presents. As time went on, the dowry developed various functions. A dowry of household goods often helped the newly weds set up their own home. A dowry of property or jewelry would help the wife support herself if her husband died. Generally, the husband returned the dowry to his in-laws if he and his wife divorced or if his wife died childless.
Sometimes, the groom’s family paid for the bride, often to compensate her family for the money spent raising her. If the bride had been a valuable worker, her family was sometimes compensated for the loss of her economic support.
Romans, having complicated traditions governing marriages, had specific dowry laws. Traditional Chinese and Hindu engagements and weddings were also governed by specific rules and considerable ritual.

Your Wedding is the most important day……

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your entire life, and I understand that you want it to bring delightful memories to everyone involved — especially you!

The Wedding Cake — lovingly prepared and beautifully presented — is a major part of this event. I can help you design a cake that will meet all of your high expectations, as well as respect your budget. Then I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that things are carried out flawlessly, so that you and your new spouse can relax and enjoy the day instead of fretting over details.

Please note that I do not play the game that many bakers play. When you ask, “How much will this cake cost?” they quote you a price that sounds eminently reasonable. What they “forget” to mention is that this is just the cost of the cake, and that everything else is “extra” i.e. delivery, set up, rental of plates, pillars, fountain, etc. By the time this is all tacked onto price of the cake, you wind up paying two or even three times the initial quote.

I think that’s outrageous. It’s standard industry practice, but I disapprove of it, because I want you to feel good about working with me, not like you’ve been sucked into a whirlwind from which there is no escape. I will sit down with you over cake and coffee/tea, find out exactly what you need, and then give you one all-inclusive price.

Great cake, great service, and honest pricing — I’ll take good care of you!