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Traditional Wedding Cake With FountainTraditional

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Topsy Turvy Wedding CakeTopsy Turvy

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I am the designer, baker, decorator, delivery person, cleanup crew, customer service, and office staff.

People talk about these cakes!

    • Merry makes the best cakes around. Her frosting is outstanding. If you ever need a specialty cake for any occasion, I would highly recommend giving Merry a call. Mike Eaton, My Utility Brokers

      —Michael Eaton

      My Utility Brokers

    • Thank you Merry for the lemon cake. It was awesome!!! So moist and full of flavor! The red velvet cupcakes were fantastic too! You rock!

      —Annie Curtis

    • Reilly woke up on his birthday, saw the cake and his eyes just popped out of his head. He kept going back to check it out and he told me he couldn’t stop looking at it. The taste was out of this world. Thanks,

      —Susan Remsing

    • Merry, I wanted to thank you for helping me make my wedding happen. You’re very generous, and we are very greatful!! The cake was delicious (as always) and everyone raved about it and said you did a great job!! Thanks for everything, Love, Pam & John

      —Pam & John

    • Merry is a joy to know and she is becoming more creative all the time. Her cake designs are unique, one of a kind, and taste great.

      —Susan Dorbeck

    • Thank you so much. I can’t tell you enough how great my cake was. It was so beautiful and tasted great.


    •        You were so right! Next to me in my wedding dress, the  cake was the most talked about. I was also jealous. Great cake. Thank you!


    • The Halloween Cake you made was Very Yummy… Very scarrrry… Perfect for the occasion!! Thanks again, Vicky


    • When I took my Christmas cake to the potluck, I was the talk of the party. I almost didn’t tell them that you made it for me. You told me it would serve 25. Well, there were only 15 of us and there weren’t even crumbs left. The taste was terrific. Thanks


    • Seeing all my kids pictures on the cake brought back special memories, I cried. The cake was so pretty and the taste was beyond words.


    • Merry’s ability to make everyone feel special translates to her work as well! Her cakes are GREAT!! Thanks Ron, Paradise Band

      —Ron Gosselin

    • The Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting is the best! The hard part is deciding on the cake batter...

      —Monica Tombers

    • Thanks for designing the cake of my dreams. I had always wanted a fountain on the top. You saw to it that I got it. The cake was so pretty and tasted even better. Thanks so much, Carol


    • That was a fantastic wedding cake.  When everyone  found out it was handmade and not from a store, they ate the whole cake.  After the cutting, I went back for a piece of cake only to find crumbs. Art & Debbie Neilson 7-14-2012 Wedding

    • What a surprise when we saw Worf on our cake. You knew he wasn’t allowed in the church or reception, but you saw to it that he was included. You knew just how much that meant to us. The cake was delicious and pretty too. Everyone commented on the taste. Thanks, Pat Barrett

      —Pat Barrett